Access to Green Spaces: An Environmental Justice Topic

Zoe Chan The simple act of meeting up with friends and sprawling out on memorial glade is probably one of my favorite things to do at Berkeley. Being able to find a place to absorb the sunshine and relax with others re-energizes me to tackle the chaos of Berkeley student life.  Greenspaces also serve more […]

Comparing 2020 Presidential Candidate Climate Plans

Holden Payne As campaigns rage on and the rhetoric of candidates becomes more and more convoluted, Epsilon Eta member Holden Payne draws on Greenpeace and individual campaign websites to dissect each democratic candidate’s environmental policy and consolidate their key points. Read on to see how each candidate is tackling climate problems. Bernie Sanders (Senator- Vermont)🡪 […]

The State of Waste Management in UC Berkeley Fraternities

Alex Dhond Fraternities at UC Berkeley have serious waste problems, and if you have ever stepped one, you’ll probably notice that, with regard to waste, there’s something I informally call a “one bin system”. It sounds pretty much like what it is — all waste goes into one bin. Recycling is pretty much non-existent, and […]

A Global Carbon Tax: Winners, Losers, and Economic Impacts

Claire Parkinson Photo from LexisNexis A ​new study from energy and environmental policy researchers at the University of Illinois​ finds that a global carbon tax on fossil fuels would generate winners and losers among countries of all income groups, with low-carbon economies earning the biggest advantages. The authors find that countries with more hydropower and […]