Plastic Straw Environmentalism

Michael Quiroz Photo: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images It all began in 2011, when 9-year-old Milo Cress began his “Be Straw Free” campaign. Since then, everyone from Tom Brady to Theresa May has brought single-use plastic straws into conversation, whether through simple advocacy or tangible legislation. As of 2019, more than a dozen cities have issued plastic [...]

Environmentalist — “The Hippy” vs. “The Game Changer”

Kaitlyn Lund The environmental community tends to have a split reputation with two distinct versions “the hippy” and “the game changer”. The first image is often associated with the words “crunchy” or “granola” and involves a zero-waste vegan that makes their own deodorant, doesn’t shower often, wears Birkenstocks and elephant pants, and spends all their [...]

Meat Subsidies and Veggie Burgers

Tomas Santos Veggie burgers aren’t expensive, meat just seems really really cheap. The absurd dichotomy comes from government subsidies as well as a short-term, amortized cost analysis. Factors that play into the hidden costs of meat include taxes as well as environmental and health ramifications. US taxpayers spend $38 billion dollars each year on meat [...]