Environmentalist — “The Hippy” vs. “The Game Changer”

Kaitlyn Lund The environmental community tends to have a split reputation with two distinct versions “the hippy” and “the game changer”. The first image is often associated with the words “crunchy” or “granola” and involves a zero-waste vegan that makes their own deodorant, doesn’t shower often, wears Birkenstocks and elephant pants, and spends all their [...]

Meat Subsidies and Veggie Burgers

Tomas Santos Veggie burgers aren’t expensive, meat just seems really really cheap. The absurd dichotomy comes from government subsidies as well as a short-term, amortized cost analysis. Factors that play into the hidden costs of meat include taxes as well as environmental and health ramifications. US taxpayers spend $38 billion dollars each year on meat [...]

Farm-to-Table or Table-to-Farm?: Recycled Food Waste as Animal Feed

Maddie Mikschl With staggering amounts of food waste in America entering landfills, new methods for recycling this food waste are continually arising and developing. Our food and agriculture industry is extremely carbon intensive, leaving us without the option to continue using it inefficiently. The process of recycling food waste into use for animal feed is [...]