Clean Air for Those Who Need It Most

By Eric Manzo Photo by Rasmus Landgreen on Unsplash I grew up in the Central Valley of California. There the air we breathe leaves something to be desired. The agricultural production increased traffic, and factories, combined with the geomorphic characteristics of the Valley make it a bowl of polluted air. This greatly harms the health [...]

Ocean Acidification! What it is, and why should we all care?

By Klaus Bachhuber Photo by Rose Elena on Unsplash At this point its safe to say that everyone has heard of Climate Change, the changing of our regional climate patterns thanks to all our use fossil fuels. While climate change has dominated environmental news in recent years, our large amount of carbon use is causing [...]

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle?

By Jessica McGinley Many people say they are “green” because they recycle. Although it is one of the original three R’s, contrary to what many people believe, recycling is not good for the environment. Recycling still produces carbon emissions, uses water, and contributes to landfills. Many different materials can be recycled, but this essay will [...]

Climate Equity and the Geography of Poverty

Nicole Keeney A peculiar characteristic of human society is the correlation between wealth and distance from the equator. Picture a globe, with the equator circling the middle. Sandwiching the equator are the Tropic of Cancer (30° North) and the Tropic of Capricorn (30° South), forming the region known as the tropics. Areas in the tropics [...]


ROXANNE SHIU Hurricane Florence was considered one of the wettest hurricanes in history (Maxouris and Jones, 2018). Storm surge was the biggest threat, where the water reached up to 13 feet in some areas (Samenow, 2018). Due to this massive flooding, city officials supported buildings for shelter in which people could be safe from the [...]