Brianna ‘Bri’ Boone is the president and co-founder of Epsilon Eta’s lambda chapter. She is a third year majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies, with a concentration in Law, Policy, and the Global Food System, and minoring in Human Rights. Bri has worked at International and Executive Programs since September 2016, where she is responsible for coordinating the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program, a three week long summer training for international environmental professionals. Bri also works as an undergraduate research assistant in the Anthropology department, and is conducting research about barriers to organic farming certification in California by interviewing farmers at Bay Area farmer’s markets. In general, her research interests include: farmer’s and farm worker’s rights, agroecology, animal agriculture, international peasant movements, food sovereignty, and international food policy and its implications for the Global South.

Annapurna Holtzapple
Position: Vice President of Service, Founding Member
Major: Society and Environment, and figuring the rest out still!
Research: I work for a research project in UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, in the Wheeler Water Institute. I focus on different methods of groundwater recharge, how to incentivize sustainable aquifer management practices, and the policy surrounding issues with overdraft.
Other involvement: I am the current Director of the Office of Sustainable Land Use Policy in the ASUC (student government at Cal). Previously, I worked as the Project Lead for the Agriculture and Land Use Committee through Project RISHI, a non-profit student group on campus.
Env issue: I am really passionate about land use change the the ways to diversify our farming systems in the United States to provide healthier food and create a healthier global environment.

Eavy Barbieux is the VP of Finance and co-founder of Epsilon Eta’s Berkeley Chapter. She is a third-year double majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology and Environmental Economics and Policy. Eavy spent her fall semester studying tropical biology and conservation in Costa Rica and fell in love with the incredible diversity and beauty of Central America and hopes to go back soon. She is currently an ambassador for Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program and has worked with the Berkeley Student Food Collective, the Global Student Embassy and the Department of Agriculture doing plant immunity research. Eavy is passionate about agroecology, corporate environmental responsibility, and the importance of addressing the inefficiencies and injustices of our current food systems. She also loves surfing, traveling, and gardening and hopes to one day live a self-sustainable life and raise goats.

My name is Victoria Marie Glynn and I am studying Environmental Sciences with a minor in Science and Math Education (CalTeach). Being Venezuelan-Honduran, the environmental issue I most care about is ensuring that developing nations are managing their natural resources sustainably. Part of this involves striking a balance between agriculture intended for consumption and agriculture intended for biofuel production. I have a moral obligation to contribute in this endeavor, and so I am a research assistant in the Cate Lab genetically engineering yeast for biofuel production. Upon graduating from Berkeley, I hope to continue doing research while pursuing a PhD in environmental sciences.

Hannah Crane is a second year majoring in Political Science and Society and Environment. She is currently the VP of Outreach for Epsilon Eta. Her hobbies include long distance running, listening to music, hiking, traveling, going to the beach, surfing, and eating! Hannah just started working for CNR’s international executive programs Bearhselp program. She is passionate about the policy and legal side of sustainability. Before she goes to grad school, Hannah wants to take a year off and travel the world. Her future goals include ensuring sustainable and equitable development in developing countries and taking back the American Political system from corporate control. If those don’t work out, her plan B is to be the sustainability coordinator for the eco friendly clothing brand, Reformation.

Gabby Doerschlag is a second year student studying Environmental Science with a biological concentration. She is very passionate about waste reduction and has committed herself to going zero waste in 2018. She is also involved in Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastic campaign and is working towards helping Berkeley restaurants become Ocean Friendly Certified. Gabby takes any chance she can to get outdoors and can frequently be found running the trails or planning her next big outdoor adventure.

Star Elisabeth Beltman is studying Society and Environment with a concentration in Global Environmental Politics and Global Studies with a concentration in Global Development in Latin America. I’m most passionate about resource conservation and corporate environmental policy. I’m also in STEAM and Habitat for Humanity. In the future, I hope to help pass policy that holds corporations accountable for environmental damage they cause and regulates their emissions and impacts much more harshly. I also want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Sara Fagan is a junior with majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy with a minor in Public Policy. She is most passionate about food systems and sustainable food issues. She believes food choices have the power to make big changes. Aside from Epsilon Eta, Sara also volunteers at the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

Kira Barsten, Society and Environment major with a concentration in Global Environmental Policy, in the process of double minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies (declared) and designing my own Conservation and Resource Studies. I’m most interested in renewable energy policy and development, but also in environmental justice and ensuring equitable access to clean air and water to marginalized communities and those most negatively impacted by climate change!! Last semester I did a URAP with the Reasoning Research Group that used surveys and data science to analyze how members of the public react to information about climate change, and how different ways of presenting information can shift people’s views on an issue one way or another.  I’m involved in the ASUC, College Ski and Snowboard Club, and Cal Climbing.  My goals for the future include developing skills necessary for photojournalism and to travel the world documenting the impacts of climate change on different communities and to share their stories with the rest of the world.

Maria Otero is a junior from Bogotá, Colombia studying Environmental Economics and Politics along with Conservation and Resource Studies with a focus in energy for developing countries. She is interested in helping developing countries leapfrog their technologies by promoting through businesses responsible consumption and clean energy. She is also part of Colombia’s water skiing team, loves traveling, extreme activities, cooking and has two beautiful Great Danes.
Candice Young is majoring in Microbial Biology, Ecology & Environmental Microbiology Concentration. She cares about marine pollution (from plastics, fossil fuels, etc) and ocean acidification, and the 6th mass extinction. She is currently working in a genetics lab (under guidance of graduate student Jenna Haines) on mapping early transcription factor movement across a developing fruit fly embryo! She is also involved in Microbial Sciences Association, SLC Organic Chemistry Tutor cluster, Study Abroad Student Ambassadors Goals for the future: Hopefully travel the world for a year working in some field of community service (environmental service, sanitation, or foreign aid themed), and then go to grad school to maintain a Ph.D in Biological Oceanography or Astrobiology! Would love to be employed by NASA/EPS/NPS, or possibly become a professor depending on where life takes me.
Nonnie Coelho is a sophomore studying Environmental Earth Science with a minor in Environmental Economics and Policy. She’s an undergrad research assistant in the Soil and Environmental Biogeophysics Lab and works as an intern for Building Sustainability at Cal. She has a broad interest in the nexus of science, policy, and design and plans to pursue graduate school prior to a career in she-doesn’t-know-what-yet!
Roxi Shiu is a third year double majoring in Environmental Science and Conservation & Resource Studies. With Environmental Science, Roxi is writing her senior thesis about biofilms and their use in industrial agriculture. With CRS, her Area of Interest revolves around epigenetics, and tracking how the environment affects population dynamics and demographics. Roxi works in a URAP lab in the Geography department where she grows biofilms in a flume to see how they affect nutrient cycling and sedimentation rates in coastal wetlands. In addition to these research topics, Roxi is also deeply passionate about listening to others’ perspectives about the environment and seeing how they shape world views and individual development. She works as a Peer Coach Advisor through the Student Learning Center where she is able to help students find their niche in the university. She doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future, but hopefully she’ll find a way to incorporate all of her passions into one profession!
Claire Parkinson is the co-founder and former Vice President of Finances for Epsilon Eta’s UC Berkeley chapter. She is a third year student majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy and hoping to minor in Data Science. Currently, she is very interested in how data analysis using statistical and econometric methods can be used to solve environmental problems, particularly for businesses and policy makers. She has worked as a Green Building Intern for Building Sustainability @ Cal for the past 2 years, working to help make campus projects more sustainable and assisting in LEED credit documentation. She is from the Bay Area, but loves to travel and is currently studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. She misses her Epsilon Eta family, especially her roommate and best friend President Bri, and can’t wait to return in the Fall.
Emma Tracy, a second year Sustainable Environmental Design major, is focusing on solutions to environmental problems at the intersection of energy, resources, and geographical information systems. She is excited to be installing a rainwater harvesting system this semester on campus (check it out by Hearst Annex!). Outside of Epsilon Eta, she spends most of her time library hopping and running through the mountains with Cal Tri.



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