Annapurna Holtzapple is a third year studying Global Environmental Politics and Food Systems, she is a co-founder of the UC Berkeley Epsilon Eta Chapter, and the current President. Annapurna has been the Director of the ASUC Office of Sustainable Land Use Policy, conducted research with the Center for Law, Energy and the Environment and the Center for Local Sustainable Development, and currently interns with the UC Gill Tract in partnership with All Power Labs researching soil supplementation and carbon farming with biochar. In her free time, she loves backpacking, reading National Geographic, painting and playing IM soccer.

Emma Tracy, a second year Sustainable Environmental Design major, is focusing on solutions to environmental problems at the intersection of energy, resources, and geographical information systems. She is excited to be installing a rainwater harvesting system this semester on campus (check it out by Hearst Annex!). Outside of Epsilon Eta, she spends most of her time library hopping and running through the mountains with Cal Tri.

Gabby Doerschlag is a second year student studying Environmental Science with a biological concentration. She is very passionate about waste reduction and has committed herself to going zero waste in 2018. She is also involved in Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastic campaign and is working towards helping Berkeley restaurants become Ocean Friendly Certified. Gabby takes any chance she can to get outdoors and can frequently be found running the trails or planning her next big outdoor adventure.

Hannah Crane is a second year majoring in Political Science and Society and Environment. She is currently the VP of Outreach for Epsilon Eta. Her hobbies include long distance running, listening to music, hiking, traveling, going to the beach, surfing, and eating! Hannah just started working for CNR’s international executive programs Bearhselp program. She is passionate about the policy and legal side of sustainability. Before she goes to grad school, Hannah wants to take a year off and travel the world. Her future goals include ensuring sustainable and equitable development in developing countries and taking back the American Political system from corporate control. If those don’t work out, her plan B is to be the sustainability coordinator for the eco friendly clothing brand, Reformation.

Jessie McGinley is a first-year student studying Mathematics and Conservation and Resource Studies. She is from Pittsburgh and can’t wait to explore the West Coast during her time here at Cal. In her spare time, she loves to hike, camp, go to concerts, geocache, and celebrate Halloween year-round.

Laura McFarland is a second-year student majoring in Society and Environment with a potential double minor in Global Studies and Ecosystem Management! In addition to being a devoted member of Ep Eta, she does research in the Geography department analyzing historic climate patterns in California, works on campus as a front desk attendant for Cal Performances, and participates in another Greek organization, Chi Omega. After hopefully attending grad school for environmental policy and management, she hopes to work for the public sector in organizations like the EPA or NPS, presuming those organizations have not yet been rendered obsolete by the lack of environmental concern demonstrated by the current administration. In her spare time she enjoys drinking Naked smoothies, listening to 90s alt-rock, pretending to understand art, and doing other fake-niche activities.
Madeleine Wong is a first year from LA who is planning on double majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy and Society and Environment in the College of Natural Resources. She’s also interested in teaching environmental studies in K-8th classrooms in hands on, discussion based ways. She’s a mildly outdoorsy person who loves a beach day with a bonfire and is definitely more of a mom friend.
Marley Pirochta is a second year Conservation & Resource Studies major, which basically means she can take whatever classes she’s interested in and she thinks that’s the best way to learn. Marley is also studying Global Povery and Practice, and she’s passionate about how these two fields of environmentalism and development overlap within the food system. She can often be found passive aggressively tweeting about grappling with how to most effectively manifest environmentalism.
Michael QuirozMichael is a 3rd year student studying Environmental Economics and Policy and Energy and Resources. He’s interested in understanding how policy and private markets can intersect to address climate change, especially as they pertain to renewable energy and environmental justice. Apart from his involvement with the Epsilon Eta, he’s also a journalist for the Leaflet and Associate Consultant for BEACN, a student run consulting nonprofit which works with environmentally and socially responsible organizations. Michael works at the Goldman School of Public Policy, where he’s the audio engineer for the podcast “Talk Policy to Me” and in his free time he’s an avid runner, music producer, and wannabe boulderer.
Natalie Coy is from San Diego, California and is majoring in Environmental Science and Marine Science! She is a shark fanatic and loves backpacking, climbing, and photography. She is currently working in a phytoplankton lab under the amazing Bethanie Edwards researching lipids as biomass markers for nutrient stress conditions. Key to her heart you might ask? A baguette, brie cheese and figs
Nicole Keeney is an Atmospheric Science major from San Diego. She is passionate about climate change adaptation and sustainable development. In her free time, Nicole likes to read, cook, study Spanish, and play Catan.
Nonnie Coelho is a sophomore studying Environmental Earth Science with a minor in Environmental Economics and Policy. She’s an undergrad research assistant in the Soil and Environmental Biogeophysics Lab and works as an intern for Building Sustainability at Cal. She has a broad interest in the nexus of science, policy, and design and plans to pursue graduate school prior to a career in she-doesn’t-know-what-yet!
Olga Rozmarynowska is a transfer student from UC Santa Cruz. She is a third-year doubling in Classical Civilizations and Society and Environment. The brainchild of a three-way between Leonardo da Vinci, Louis Armstrong, and Kendall Jenner, Olga lives by the sun and loves by the moon. If you ever want to talk about jazz-funk, contact her and Michael Quiroz for a good time.
Star Elisabeth Beltman is a second year studying Society and Environment and Global Studies. She hopes to go to law school after graduating Berkeley and work on issues of corporate responsibility in Latin America. Outside of Epsilon Eta, she is also involved in Herbicide Free Cal, plays for Cal’s ultimate team, helps track newt migration, and works with Berkeley City Council.
Tomas Santos is an EECS major that does shower, but only eats plants. He delights in exploring new technologies such as computer vision and AI and is especially interested in using automation to refine and optimize complex procedures. He wants to combine his interest in technology with his passion in sustainability but needs to find the right job. In his free time he loves reading and partying sustainably.
Yesenia Perez is a junior transfer majoring in Society and Environment as well as Environmental Economics and Policy. At her junior college, she started an environmental club, so finding an environmental community in Epsilon Eta was really valuable after transferring. She is also excited to be a part of F.E.E.D. consulting club this semester as she is really passionate about food justice and how it intersects with environmental justice. When it’s sunny outside you can probably find her hanging out by the Berkeley Marina wearing earrings she just learned how to make.
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